Please put in your inquiries for April 2022 onwards. When making an inquiry please outline your weekday preferences. IE: weekdays, weeknights, weekends only because you are out of town. etc.

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Pottery Class Dates:

Here is how it works:

Thank you for checking in to see how we run our classes here at the Elora Pottery!    


The session is geared towards first timer potters…. :)  

Q:  How long is the class generally?


A: About two hours. We don't have a stop watch. We just hang out and enjoy each others company. For three people allow 2.5 hours and for 4 people about the same. 

Q: How many pieces will we make?


A: Generally our clients complete 2-4 pieces of pottery each in the 2 hour private class. However as the number of people increases in the class, the number of pieces made decreases, but so does the price per  person. I have a process I will guide you through.

 (No you will not make a teapot on your first date, or third, but maybe the 23rd class) 

Q: How much are the classes?   


A: The prices are as follows for your private pottery class date - there are no surprises in our pricing. 

 (prices subject to change and plus tax)


1 person: $250 (6 pieces)


2 people: $199 (4pcs ea)  


3 people -  $275 (3pcs ea)   


4 people $340 (2pcs ea) 



 Minimum age is 12 years old and fully vaccinated.  (Lots of reasons why, 6 years experience teaching says this is best here)

Under 13 must be accompanied by a guardian.


Q: When can we book a class?


A:Times for the classes are based on mutually agreed schedules.   We work 6 days a week up until 9pm.(not Tuesdays) Times for booking are generally 10/10:30am, 6/6:30/7pm  (more options mid-week)  

Q: What sort of lead time do we need to book a class?


A: Generally 8 weeks for weekend spots, less lead time for weekday spots.


Q: How do we know when you are available?


A: Just email or text or call to sort this out. We don't post our calendar online. We also don't host classes everyday as we are a production studio as well and need to fufill our shop and other shop orders. Also we love teaching but we like to keep it fresh so that is the other reason we don't do this everyday.

Q: How does payment work?


A: An etransfer deposit of $100  will secure your class, only AFTER we have secured a date. Please don't send transfers before we organize. That will not make me happy. And I might just go shopping with it.

Once a deposit is received we will enter you into our calendar.  And if you delay you may lose your spot, so be committed once we firm up the date.

Q: Do you have gift certificates?


A: Yes and no. For classes we will create for you a 'pottery promise' pdf/card. You can give this away.

It has no value. We prefer not to have large numbers of gift cards in circulation, as we could/and have been injured in the past= disaster.

Its a benefit to you because you are only spending on the class, when we book for the deposit and the balance when its closer to the date. Its not complicated, just let me sort you out when its time to book for you or your loved one. If the class is booked less than two weeks from the date we will do the full amount.


B: For the shop we have gift cards available. We can't put expiry dates on the them, but we would appreciate it if they were used within 2 years. See section A above as to why.

Pottery Class Questions

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Please put in your pottery date inquiries for April 2022 onwards. When making a class inquiry please outline your weekday preferences. IE: weekdays, weeknights, weekends only because you are out of town. etc.