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Snowflake Mug

Snowflake Mug

Enjoy our 18oz mugs using our high fire speck clay. This design has been our 'house shape' for over 13 years with customers coming back year over year to expand their collection or to purchase them as gifts for others. Our mugs have 'bump outs' opposite the handle for increase comfort, giving your hand a hug. Wondering if our mug is too big? It will fit your hand perfectly, and just modify the amount of liquid you put in it. We say 'have your mug fit your hand' first. Microwave dishwasher safe.

  • Refund and Returns Policy

    Pottery is unique. Every item is one of a kind. Literally. We photograph our work but there can be nuances and glaze differentials that as a customer you need to accept or we recommend that you not purchase it.  

    In that spirit we will do exchanges but at your cost. Please visit us to sort! We are unable to offer Amazon-type return policy. 

    Exchanges are welcomed. Please come to the store to do this and let us know ahead of time so we can be sure to meet you. 30 day exchange policy. 

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